The space industry is on the cusp of significant growth. Opportunities to harness this opportunity exist with sectors where Australia already has competitive advantage or a compelling need.

Applicants are welcome to apply for challenges in any of the following eight industries and come up with gravity-defying solutions.

Keep in mind that each industry will have one or more challenges assigned to it but your solution may also address challenges in other industries.

Pick an industry, build a team, be imaginative and launch!

Industry - mining and energy resources image

Mining and Energy Resources

Opportunities for the space industry to impact mining are twofold – either improving existing earth-based mining practices or creating new resource exploration opportunities.


Industry - defence, security & military image

Defence, Security & Military

With space proficiency becoming more sophisticated, governments are strengthening intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and disaster response capabilities.


Industry - agriculture & meteorology image

Agriculture & Meteorology

Earth observation offers the ability to accurately monitor the condition of crops, which helps farmers and investors make informed decisions. This results in a yield increase by simultaneously cutting fertiliser and water waste.


Industry - banking & insurance image

Banking & Insurance

Earth observation helps insurers and financial institutions to better understand and analyse the impact of natural disasters by identifying and estimating the cost of damaged infrastructure.


Industry - telecommunications & connectivity image

Telecommunications & Connectivity

The introduction of machine learning, Artifical Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and nanosatellites constellations has opened the doors to improved connectivity. This will touch many sectors and provide access to education and healthcare resources in remote regions.


Industry - health & life sciences image

Health & Life Sciences

Satellite imagery allows us to monitor spread of diseases, health vegetation, climate change, atmosphere changes and pollution concentration. In addition, the pharma industry can benefit from manufacturing experiments off-earth.


Industry - transportation, logistics & smart cities image

Transportation, Logistics & Smart Cities

Earth observation offers the ability to analyse and monitor transport networks by detecting and counting vehicles on roads, freight vehicles, aircrafts, and monitoring road structure and congestion management.


Industry - travel & tourism image

Travel & Tourism

The tourism and leisure industries currently use high resolution imagery and Geographic Information System (GIS) data to evaluate and assess attractions such as resorts, extreme sports arenas and provide tourists accurate up-to-date detailed mapping of their touristic destinations.